K9 Anti-Aging Pure C60 - Bad Dog CBD
K9 Anti-Aging Pure C60 - Bad Dog CBD

    K9 Anti-Aging Pure C60

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      C60 Purple Power for Pets Coconut Oil 

      Have More Time With Your Pet!

      A revolutionary new product has launched on the pet wellness market and its C60! 

      C60 studies have revealed C60 to be a therapeutic agent and extend the life span of animals. We all want our pets to be immortal and stay with us forever and now we’re one step closer to making this a reality! 

      So what is C60? It’s carbon fullerenes, which are atoms that form a hollow soccer ball-looking structure. The atoms bond together in a way that interacts with free radicals in the environment to block them with strong antioxidant properties. Maximum concentration allows an anti-aging element for our pets that has been clinically proven to extend their life spans! 

      Delicious MCT Organic Coconut oil mixed with 99.99% pure C60 carbon fullerenes makes this a tasty treat for your pup! Add as part of their pet wellness routine and help have more time with your precious fur baby!

      Give to Your Pet Once Daily.