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    Dog CBD Tincture 300MG

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      CBD Tincture 300MG

      Start your pup off right with a mild dose of dog CBD oil.

      Start your pup off right with a mild dose of dog CBD oil to help them either get acclimated to taking CBD or if a low dosage is the right kind for them! Great for small dogs who will receive the best strength CBD for their size. If your dog only needs CBD oil periodically and not every day, then our 30ml bottle would last you plenty too!

      With some pets, they can be very picky about taking supplements, medicine, or even treats! If your dog isn’t accepting standard CBD Oil, then you need to try our best-selling peanut butter flavored pet CBD Oil! It’s the perfect solution to sassy pups that don’t like the hemp taste of regular CBD. 

      This milligram bottle is ideal for small dogs and a beginner introduction to pet CBD!

      What's Inside Our Dog CBD Oil

      Bad Dog CBD's Proprietary K9 blend contains high potency, organic, cold-pressed Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, MCT oil, CBD, and natural flavorings to produce the highest quality pet CBD products on the market. Our process is optimized for your pet's endocannabinoid system resulting in better absorption, bioavailability, and overall health of your best friend.