We’re a Family of Pet Owners Striving for The Best Dog CBD Products

The Bad Dog Mission

We created the finest K9 CBD and Wellness products for our best friends utilizing only the highest quality natural ingredients, crafted with love and always excellence over profit. Keeping your pets’ health the priority, nothing else. When we saw how our own dogs were thriving, we wanted to share our products with the world. Bad Dog CBD was born!

Your pet is an important part of your family. That’s why we want to provide you with the highest quality CBD pet products to keep them healthy and happy. We’re sharing our story of how we came up with Bad Dog CBD so you can feel part of our fur family’s values and goals to all the furry members in yours! Only 100% organic, Non-GMO, and grown in the US hemp is approved for our Bad Dog CBD products. Nothing that isn’t on the label is in our bottles. We ensure that quality, potency, and the most benefits for your pet are our main priorities for every product we sell.

The Proof is in Each Drop

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Our Team

We started out small and we don’t plan on straying from the tight-knit family of team members (fur crew included) that has lifted Bad Dog CBD off the ground. We’re proud of the business we’ve built with colleagues that are the reason we exist today. We care more about delivering high-quality products to pets than anything else.At our company, our team puts the utmost care and dedication into each bottle of our pet CBD products. What matters most is that you get more time with your dog with better memories for both of you to share in!