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Introducing the Bad Dog CBD Membership: The Pawsome Express Club!

This is your exclusive pass to deals, discounts, and member-only access to the Bark side of Bad Dog CBD.

The Pawsome Express Club saves you money, while also offering you bonus options to help keep your pet safe. So, what are these pawsome features?

For $7.99 a month, you’ll receive:

  • 20% Off Sitewide Every Time You Place An Order
  • A Swag-tastic Bad Dog CBD T-Shirt (It’s Not The Cheap Kind Either)
  • Access To Our Custom Pet Locator Registry

For just a small monthly fee,

you’ll be able to save so much more on our best CBD products for your pet, plus a little something to give you peace of mind about your dog’s safety. Keeping our fur babies protected, in every way pawsible, is essential to all of us here at Bad Dog. We curated our very own Pet Locator system to make it easier for lost dog’s to find their way home!

Pet Locator System

How it Works

We try our very best to keep our dog’s safe and unable to get loose from our homes. Sometimes though, it’s out of our hands (or we have a very mischievous ninja pup). Bad Dog CBD’s Pet Locator is the new age version of finding our missing pet with progressive technology that stands up to par with the simple solutions of modern society.

When you register for our Pet Locator System, you’ll enter all the applicable information about your dog and yourself, such as:

  • Your Pet’s Name

  • An up-to-date Photo of Your Dog

  • Your Name & General Location

Once you submit the information, a branded dog tag is made with a unique QR code on the back. When this QR code is scanned once you receive it, it’ll take you to our Pet Finger Page where you’ll enter the ID number beneath the QR code. There, it’ll populate all the info you submitted of yourself and your fur baby, including a contact form.

For anyone who finds your lost pup, they can fill out this form which includes a note section where they can type in how they found your dog, etc, and when they submit the form, it generates as a text to the owner’s phone!

This is a state-of-the-art way to ensure that if your pet ever goes missing, it’s much quicker and more efficient to contact you toretrieve your beloved pup!

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