I Woof You Gift Box (50% OFF MSRP $199) - Bad Dog CBD
I Woof You Gift Box (50% OFF MSRP $199) - Bad Dog CBD
I Woof You Gift Box (50% OFF MSRP $199) - Bad Dog CBD
I Woof You Gift Box (50% OFF MSRP $199) - Bad Dog CBD

    I Woof You Gift Box (50% OFF MSRP $199)

    $74.99 $99.99

      Pamper Your Pooch This Holiday Season!

      Everyone deserves a big gift under the tree and your pet is no exception! Give them everything a pup wants with toys, treats, and more that will make you both very happy. Not only will they get to join the family in opening presents on Christmas morning, but you’re also giving them the best gift they could have: a long, healthy life!

      This holiday season, treat your furry family member to their own present and post those Insta-fame worthy videos of their reaction! Christmas is the season of giving, and our furry family members give to us every day with their unending love and devotion to us. 

      Why not show them how much you love them? 

      Inside our I Woof You gift box, you’ll receive:

      Hip & Joint Bites - protect your dog’s aging with natural dog supplements packed into a yummy, baked treat! 

      Glossy Skin & Coat Treats - beat skin allergies and the itchies with our CBD-infused treats with natural ingredients to help keep their coat shiny, nourished, and fight off skin allergies! 

      CBD Tincture 300mg - our beginners level, or small dog breed, size pet CBD oil is the first step to combatting inflammation, promotes relaxation, and helps maintain heart, brain, and bone health! 

      CBD Calming Tincture 300mg - help your pet overcome anxiety issues and relieve stress from the inside out with our dog CBD calming oil! 

      Hip & Joint Tincture - as your pet ages, support the natural loss of vital vitamins and minerals for stronger bones and less pain for them to enjoy their life to the fullest. 

      CBD Treats - rewarding good behavior is a fundamental part of owning a pet. Give them healthy treats that are oven-baked and infused with vet-formulated CBD oil!

      CBD Shampoo - when bath time comes around, give them a cleaning that does more than just remove dirt! Our oatmeal and CBD-infused shampoo is all-natural and protects their coat, hydrates, and fights bacteria and inflammation that can lead to serious skin issues. Make baths a spa day for them!

      Stickers/Swag - what’s a gift box for a pup without something fun for them to sweeten those pictures with? Your dog should pat around the house in style! 

      Shower your pet with love this holiday season and put a present under the tree for them too!