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Are Anxiety Supplements for Dogs Actually Helpful?

anxiety supplements for dogs

Doggie anxiety can create serious problems for pet owners. Often, we turn to calming supplements as a natural means of addressing anxiety. But are anxiety supplements for dogs actually helpful? In this article, we will take a look at how dog supplements for anxiety work, how they differ from medications, and what you can do […]

The 7 Main Forms of Dog Anxiety & How Pet CBD Treats All of Them

dog anxiety

Just like humans, dogs can get anxiety. While dogs may be a human’s best friend, they can also get so nervous, fearful or anxious they worry us! Fortunately, dog anxiety is treatable.  Here, we will go over each and tell you how a few tips and tricks (plus pet CBD!) can help Fido chill out. […]

How to Naturally Give Your Pet Relief with CBD

pet relief

When our pets hurt, we hurt! The most prescribed pain medications for pets also come with lots of side effects. So, many pet owners are looking for natural pain relief for pets. We’ve got you covered! Here are the facts on CBD for dogs and the relief it can offer your pet. What Medicines are […]

5 Reasons to Buy CBD Oil for Your Dogs

buy cbd oil

CBD oil for dogs isn’t just the latest craze, there’s emerging veterinary science to show that pet CBD may improve your dog’s health in several super important ways. Here are 5 of the top reasons to buy CBD oil for your four-legged family member. 1. Your Dog Has Anxiety If your furry family member suffers […]

3 Reasons to Use CBD for Dogs with Arthritis

cbd for dogs with arthritis

Approximately 1 in 4 dogs has osteoarthritis. But a diagnosis of arthritis doesn’t have to mean the end of your beloved pup’s comfortable years. New and expanding research suggests that CBD may help dogs with arthritis live and move more comfortably.  Here are 3 reasons to use CBD for dogs with arthritis, as well as […]

3 Signs of Anxiety in Dogs & How To Treat Each One

anxiety in dogs

There are two main types of anxiety that dogs (and humans) may experience: situational/temporary anxiety and persistent/generalized anxiety. A generally anxious dog may also still become more anxious under certain circumstances. Even when Fido hears fireworks, goes on a car ride, or experiences some other distressing stimulus, he may be extra anxious. In this short […]

What Can Glucosamine Do For Your Dog’s Joint Health?


You may have heard of glucosamine. It’s a naturally occurring substance, primarily used in the body for cartilage. Because of its relationship to joint health, and new research emerging suggesting that glucosamine may help reduce the pain or stiffness of osteoarthritis in humans, pet owners and vets have started using glucosamine for dogs. But what […]

How Hip and Joint Dog Treats Help Your Pet Age Healthier

hip and joint dog treats

An estimated 20% of dogs over age 1 have osteoarthritis. While larger, older dogs are more likely to have hip or joint problems, all breeds and sizes can develop these problems. Fortunately, there are proactive ways to help your furry friend age better. Read on to learn about how hip and joint dog treats help […]