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Are Anxiety Supplements for Dogs Actually Helpful?

anxiety supplements for dogs

Doggie anxiety can create serious problems for pet owners. Often, we turn to calming supplements as a natural means of addressing anxiety. But are anxiety supplements for dogs actually helpful? In this article, we will take a look at how dog supplements for anxiety work, how they differ from medications, and what you can do […]

Halloween is Coming: 5 Ways On How To Relax Your Dog

how to relax your dog

Halloween can frighten even an otherwise calm dog. As superheroes, ghouls and pirates come knocking on the doors, our pets may be cowering in fear. In most cases, it’s not the Iron Man fist or pirate’s eye patch that give our furball the All Hallow’s Eve terrors–it’s all the noise.  Ordinarily, getting a knock on […]

Is CBD Right For My Pet?

is cbd right for my pet

The CBD market for humans has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. Reported benefits range from improved mobility to an instantaneous cure for Parkinson’s Disease. Along with the hype comes new benefits. Research has also expanded, sometimes confirming anecdotal evidence and sometimes contradicting it. Research into CBD for pets lags but is also expanding.  Thousands […]

Hemp vs CBD for Dogs: What’s the Difference?

cbd vs hemp for dogs

With so many products derived from hemp or cannabis on the market, the distinctions sometimes get confusing. CBD and hemp can both be found in some similar-sounding products on the market for humans and dogs! Here we will take a look at the difference, so you know which to use for your favorite furball. But […]

How CBD For Dog Allergies Works Better Than Leading Medications

cbd for dog allergies

Have you observed your dog scratching, losing fur, or even getting ear infections? Has anyone suggested these symptoms may be dog allergies? Dogs get allergies, just like humans, but their allergy symptoms can be quite different from human allergy symptoms. As a result, many pet owners may miss the signs and symptoms of dog allergies. […]

The 7 Main Forms of Dog Anxiety & How Pet CBD Treats All of Them

dog anxiety

Just like humans, dogs can get anxiety. While dogs may be a human’s best friend, they can also get so nervous, fearful or anxious they worry us! Fortunately, dog anxiety is treatable.  Here, we will go over each and tell you how a few tips and tricks (plus pet CBD!) can help Fido chill out. […]

How to Naturally Give Your Pet Relief with CBD

pet relief

When our pets hurt, we hurt! The most prescribed pain medications for pets also come with lots of side effects. So, many pet owners are looking for natural pain relief for pets. We’ve got you covered! Here are the facts on CBD for dogs and the relief it can offer your pet. What Medicines are […]