Why Small Dog Brands Are Better Than Industry Leading Brands

on May 18, 2021

The pet food and pet treat (pet consumables) industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Each of the best-selling dog brands makes billions with a “B” each year in dog products. 

Unfortunately, these industry-leading brands may make more revenue, but that doesn’t translate into the best products for your four-legged loved one.

When you want the TLC for your fur baby, small dog brands are better.

We’re not just saying that. 

Read on but be warned: some of these truths are frightening.

The US Regulates Dog Ingredients

While the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) focuses on humans, they also get involved in certain pet-related cases. The FDA oversees pet food labeling, information and marketing, and also defines and guides aspects of the dog product industry from manufacturing to consumption. When something goes awry, the FDA has a reporting process for possible pet reactions to unsafe products. 

Back in 2007, the FDA issued recalls and ultimately launched investigations into pet food contamination by Chinese-imported companies. Many cats and dogs got sick or died because of melamine in their food.

You know those white-coated bookshelves from Ikea? That stuff on the outside of many wood products is melamine. Melamine is a plastic and is not safe for consumption by any person, let alone our dogs.

Lots of pet companies wised up and stopped using ingredients from China. However, recent research has found that millions of pounds of pet chews are still sourced from China, including ingredients in many big dog brands.

Of course, not every consumable from China is dangerous. However, pet products sourced from China have caused more pet illnesses and deaths than imports from any other country.

The best dog brands source ingredients in the USA.

The Sourcing Pipeline for Big Companies

The biggest dog food companies might surprise you: names like Nestlé and Mars top the list. Yes, those are the same companies that make things like candy bars.

As you may already know, these companies are notorious for cutting corners in a never-ending quest for bigger, cheaper manufacturing. That sort of unscrupulousness can lead to unsafe practices and greater greenhouse gases.

Mars recently pledged to improve sustainability, including reducing greenhouse gas and improving human rights. This pledge came after lawsuits in the US over child slavery.


Yup. Slavery in the cocoa industry, specifically. 

Nestlé is another name on the list of the biggest dog consumables manufacturers. Nestlé owns an estimated 8,000 brands, obviously not just dog brands, and stands accused of everything from mislabeling and unethical promotion, to child labor and pollution. Nestlé corporation’s child slavery lawsuit made its way all the way to the US Supreme Court. They’ve earned the name of one of the most hated companies in the world for such blatant disregard for humanity. 

The best brands for your four-legged friends are the best brands for their biped caregivers. 

Safely Sourced Doggie CBD Treats

When you buy from a small dog brand, you don’t support mega companies like those described above, you support small business owners who care about your pets as much as we love on our own.

Doggie CBD treats are safe, in general, but you, understandably, want to be sure about what you are feeding your dog. 

As a small dog brand, monitoring every step of our supply, we ensure only the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. The best CBD dog treats come from sustainable sourced, safe manufacturers within the US.

CBD dog treats are not only a calming reward for your dog’s best behavior, they also come in special formulas for your furry friend’s needs. Our formulas include:

  • Regular CBD dog treats - a calming everyday treat.
  • Fresh breath biscuits - the calm of CBD combined with breath and dental benefits.
  • Peanut butter crunch - your dog’s favorite flavor in each treat.
  • Natural hip and joint bites - a soothing supplement treat for your aging friend.

You can check out Bad Dog CBD’s full line of natural, healthy dog treats here

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