When Do I Start Giving My Dog Hip and Joint Supplements?

on April 18, 2022

dog hip and joint supplements

Unfortunately, hip and joint problems are common in dogs. For many dogs symptoms will show up within the first year of life! Chances of hip and joint problems increase with age, with as many as 80% of senior dogs displaying symptoms. 

So when should you start giving a dog hip and joint supplements? Do you wait for symptoms, go based on age, or something else? Also, do hip and joint supplements actually work for dogs?

In this article we will take a quick look at the how, when and what of doggy joint supplements.

Signs and Symptoms of Dog Hip and Joint Problems

Common joint problems for dogs include dysplasia (when a joint goes out of socket) and arthritis (deterioration of joint tissue).

Your dog cannot tell you, “my hip hurts,” but there are signs you can observe. Some signs and symptoms of dog hip and joint problems include:

  • Limpness in walking
  • Stiffness in movement, particularly after getting up (from a lying down position)
  • Reluctance to do certain movements such as walking, jumping, going up or down stairs, or playing
  • Whimpering or other expressions of pain with certain movements or body positions
  • Changes in appetite
  • Irritability or reaction to being touched or petted
  • Difficulty urinating or new bathroom problems (such as going in the house)
  • Decrease in muscle mass, such as in the rear hips

If you suspect that your dog may have hip or joint problems, a veterinarian can assess the problem and make a diagnosis.

Start Them Young In These Dogs

Unfortunately, some dog breeds are more prone to hip or joint problems. In such dogs, it may be best to start hip and joint problems immediately, regardless of age or symptoms. You do this because quality hip and joint supplements can help prevent problems before they start.

This proactive approach to supplementing may help prevent or at least delay the onset of problems in a breed prone to hip or joint problems.

Some challenges with breeds are well known. For example, dachshund lovers know that their beloved weiner dogs may be more likely to have spinal problems. 

The dogs most prone to hip dysplasia tend to be larger breeds: Great Danes, St Bernards, German Shepherds, etc. However, even some smaller breeds like pugs or boxers are more prone to joint problems.

Whatever the breed of your dog, you can research potential hip and joint problems. Have a mutt? No problem! Doggy DNA tests have advanced and can generally help you identify breeds, and therefore potential health issues, before they start.

It’s Never too Late to Start Hip and Joint Supplements

Alright, so in an ideal world your dog started hip and joint supplements preemptively, or at the very first sign of symptoms. But what if you put it off? Is there such a thing as too late to start?

Nope. It’s never too late to start hip and joint supplements for dogs. 

Quality supplements work alongside any other treatments your dog might need.

How Do Supplements for Hip and Joint for Dogs Work?

Think of supplements as extra-quality food. For example, green mussels are packed with vitamins and provide good support for the liver and gallbladder--but you might have to eat dozens of mussels to get the vitamins available in a single supplement! 

Supplements are also not drugs. That means they shouldn’t have side effects, when used as directed.

Hip and Joint Ingredients to Look for

Not all supplements are created equal!

When it comes to quality dog hip and joint supplements, be certain you get something formulated for dogs! Human supplements may contain ingredients which are not good for pets. 

Some ingredients to look for include:

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Antioxidants
  • MSM
  • Omega oils
  • CBD

Each of these ingredients serve their own purposes, lubricating joints, assisting the detox process in the body, or relaxing your fur baby. Some “super ingredients” like CBD serve several purposes, making them supplement powerhouses!

What’s the Best Hip and Joint Tincture?

At Bad Dog CBD we carry hip and joint treats and tinctures. We go beyond the lists of “standard ingredients” to the little extras which can add up to a big difference!

But we also only source the best ingredients, curating our offerings to the needs of your pet.

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