What is C60 for Pets & Why Should You Use It? 

on April 04, 2022

what is c60

With so many options on the market for pet wellness, why use C60 for pets? 

In this article we will take a quick look at what C60 is, how it works, and why it might be exactly what you’re looking for for your furball.

Of course, C60 isn’t a cure-all! If your pet has health conditions, you should still get them evaluated by a veterinary professional. However, if you want to complement your dog’s healthcare with a powerful antioxidant, C60 might be for you. Similarly, C60 works preventatively for many common pet health issues--increasing health and longevity before issues start!

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What is C60?

C60 is the short name for Carbon 60, also known as buckminsterfullerene or buckyball. This innovative antioxidant has a spherical shape, on a tiny little molecular level. It’s 60 carbon atoms bound together in each molecule and capable of absorbing lots of free radicals.

So what are free radicals and are they a problem for pets?

Free radicals are unbound electrons. Because they’re not attached they’re “free” and because they can wreak havoc in the body they’re called “radical.” The most well-known, most common free radical is oxygen

Oxygen should be paired with another oxygen, O2. But lots of foods, environmental stressors and other factors can cause single oxygens to separate. They damage the immune system, cause disease, and create oxidation (kind of like rust in the body). 

In our pets, then, C60 can bind with many free radicals, eliminating stress and toxicity on a cellular level. What’s more, C60 seems to be the most powerful antioxidant yet--1000 times more powerful than vitamin C.

In a study of rats, C60 doubled their life expectancy!

More years to their life and more life to their years, that’s exactly what we want for our pets.

How Does C60 for Pets Work?

So then how does C60 work for your cat or dog? What kinds of health conditions will C60 help, or potentially improve?

Since the adverse effects of free radicals show up in numerous ways, the potential benefits to pets of C60 are also widespread. Some reported benefits of C60 include:

  • Increased energy and vitality, even in older dogs.
  • Improved healing after injury or surgery.
  • Decreased pain, even in dogs with arthritis or chronic pain/joint issues.
  • Less inflammation, from a wide variety of inflammatory conditions.
  • Better skin health and coat health.
  • Improved function of the nervous system, since C60 may help protect nerves .
  • Improved mood, less anxiety and overall better health and temperament.

There are a couple of other things to consider. For one, there’s no lab test that can tell you if your dog has (or is prone to) oxidative stress. Still, there are also no real side effects from using a natural supplement like C60 for your pet, so long as you use as directed.

Therefore, given all of the possibilities, it’s worth a try! Taking C60 may help your pet live better and longer.

What’s the Best C60 for Dogs?

If you’ve considered all of the reasons and are ready to get started, what’s the best C60 for dogs on the market?

Not all supplements are created equal!

Be sure to get something specially formulated for your pet. Supplements for humans may contain ingredients which are harmful for pets. Also look for fillers or additives. Some supplements contain additional ingredients, such as preservatives or additives, which essentially just take up space and prolong the shelf-life of the product. But you want to give your pet something fresh and natural, not full of such unnecessary or ineffective ingredients.

At Bad Dog CBD, we source only safe, effective and natural products for your pets. We love our own fur babies, so we would never sell something we wouldn’t give to our own dogs!

Check out our online store to find the best C60 for your dog!

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