What Can Help Dogs Stop Scratching?

on October 24, 2022

 What Can Help Dogs Stop Scratching

Itching is annoying! If you’ve ever had an itch, like a bug bite (and who hasn’t!), you know that itching is the worst. For our dogs, the occasional scratch is no big deal. A dog loves a good scratch, from you or that hind paw. 

But when your dog keeps scratching, you have a problem. So why is my dog scratching so much? And what can I do about my dog scratching all the time?

We’ve got the answers!

Causes of Dog Scratching

Not all dog itchiness is the same. Just like you might itch from a mosquito bite, a peeling sunburn, or a rash, dogs scratch for lots of very different reasons. Each of these have different causes, and may require different treatments.

Unfortunately, your fur baby can’t tell you with words what’s causing the scratching.

So, here we gathered some of the main reasons a dog might have persistent itches.


Fleas are a big problem for dogs! Fleas live outdoors and on other animals. When our pets encounter them, they hop aboard! Signs of a flea infestation include:

  • You visibly see fleas in your home or when grooming your pet;
  • Loss of hair ;
  • Thickened skin, especially around ears;
  • Spots on skin;
  • Red speckles where your pet sleeps (little blood spots).

While fleas themselves are annoying little pests, some dogs are also allergic to fleas. Known as “flea allergic dermatitis,” this condition makes even one little flea bite extra itchy!

Dry skin

Dry, itchy skin and hair loss don’t always come from pests. Sometimes, the dry skin itself is the source of the dog scratching. 

A little bit of dry skin can be natural when seasons change, with more shedding, or when your pet needs some water. But persistent dry skin, especially when accompanied with scratching, is a real problem for our pets. All of that scratching can lead to poor sleep, skin abrasions, or other problems.

Allergies and Dog Skin/Fur Problems

Another reason for dry, itchy skin or patchy fur can be dog allergies. While humans also get allergic skin reactions, we more commonly have itchy/watery eyes, runny nose, and other respiratory allergic reactions.

Dogs, on the other hand, rarely get respiratory allergic reactions to things like seasonal allergies, changes in food, or contact with an irritant. More commonly, they have an allergic reaction that includes itchy skin, hair falling out, or other problems with skin and/or fur.

Other skin issues

A number of other skin issues may be itchy to our fur babies. Sometimes these indicate another problem:

  • Scaly skin - may indicate the presence of parasites.
  • Broken skin - may be caused by the scratching or by an infection.
  • Bumps or oozing skin - often from a bacterial skin infection.
  • Odors of the skin - another sign of a skin infection.

These types of skin issues are best observed when grooming your dog. If the effects come and go, take a picture to show your vet what you have observed on your dog’s skin.

How to Help Dogs Stop Scratching

As you have probably guessed from the lists above, the first step toward treating dog scratching is to get a diagnosis. See your veterinarian to diagnose (or at least rule out) any of the conditions listed above.

Once you know what you are dealing with, you can better address the scratching. The next step will likely be eliminating something, such as getting rid of fleas or a parasite, or eliminating a potential allergen from your dog’s environment.

Once you have eliminated the source of the itching, treatments for scratching will be effective.

Natural Anti-itch Remedies for Dogs

You can treat almost all sources of dog scratching naturally! Even if your dog will require some sort of medication, natural anti-itch remedies work in conjunction with your dog’s medications to help soothe irritated skin.

Natural anti-itch remedies for dogs include:

  • Oatmeal-based dog shampoo
  • Regular grooming
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Topical and internal CBD

It might surprise pet parents that taking CBD orally may help a dog stop scratching! But CBD has a calming effect on your dog. So, CBD can help soothe dry skin, ease allergy symptoms, and improve many other skin and coat health issues!

NOTE: If your fur baby has broken skin, do not apply any topical treatments without permission from your veterinarian, as it may cause further irritation or even infection.

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