The Wonder Antioxidant: C60 Benefits for Dogs

on April 27, 2022

c60 benefits for dogs

While we do everything we can for our beloved fur babies, sometimes we want a little extra--extra loves, extra longevity, extra vitality! For that, an antioxidant may be key. The right antioxidant might not increase doggy kisses per day, but it could add extra days to their lives. That means more total pooch snuggles and walks!

Read on and learn about more energy and longevity for pets with the powerful antioxidant C60.

What is an Antioxidant?

Oxygen is life! Seriously, we all need oxygen to survive, our pets included. But the oxygen we breathe is O2 . That’s two little oxygens bound together to make a key component of breathing. Oxygen on its own is actually corrosive, meaning it can cause damage. Think of stray little oxygens running around as rust-building in the body. These little damage-causing free-roamers are what is meant by the term “free radicals,” an unpaired electron capable of causing chaos.

That’s where antioxidants come in--they help stop oxidation. 

Certain super powerful foods (so called “superfoods”) contain an extra oxygen molecule in a safe form, which binds with stray damaging oxygens in the body.

Vitamins like vitamin C are therefore called “antioxidants”--these vitamins literally decrease stress in the body on a cellular level.

Are Antioxidants Good for Pets?

Okay so “vitamins” comes from “vita” meaning life, and vitamins like vitamin C are antioxidants, which decrease stress in the body so they’re good for us, right?

What about our pets? Are antioxidants good for dogs?


Dogs also get stressors on their bodies, like humans. These stressors can be a genetic disposition, they can come from exposure to environmental stressors (bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins, etc) or they get ingested from food. Oils especially, which are good for us when fresh, can cause oxidative stress when fried or old or anything like that. This is why humans are not really supposed to eat fried foods, and certainly our dogs should not. 

But things happen. Toxins and stressors happen.

Antioxidants help combat these stressors in many important ways, including:

  • Fighting inflammation
  • Assisting in detoxification
  • Improving skin/coat health
  • Enhancing joint health
  • Protecting nerves
  • Possibly even increasing longevity (more on that later!)

The better the antioxidant, the more powerful potential for these and many other benefits.

What is C60?

C60 is a powerful antioxidant. The term C60 shortens “Carbon 60,” also known as buckminsterfullerene or buckyball, a small 60-carbon-atom molecule. The arrangement of atoms comprises a spherical shape, with electron-absorbing, free-radical-stopping super powers.

Studies with C60 have had incredible results. 

C60 helps fight viruses, including influenza. Studies in rats showed a doubling of life expectancy! C60 may help treat, manage or prevent:

  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation, including chronic inflammation
  • Skin conditions
  • Allergies
  • Dementia
  • Some forms of cancer

All of this is in addition to boosting immunity, longevity and vitality.

What Are C60 Benefits for Dogs?

With so many antioxidants out there, how does C60 compare for your dog? It’s a nice list of what it might do, but aren’t there lots of vitamins, foods and other substances promising longer life for pets?

It’s true, there are many options for care. 

If you only give your dog one supplement, CBD might be the way to go. But in terms of raw antioxidant power, C60 performs 10 times better than even CBD and 100 times better than Vitamin C!

So while C60 is not a “cure all,” it complements your good pet wellness habits. Particularly when combined with a quality pet CBD supplement, you may be able to give your pet more energy, better alertness, increased mobility and all of those positive attributes for more years. 

Plus, a quality resource for these supplements is completely natural. When you’re talking about natural wellness, you also don’t have a scary-sounding list of potential side effects the way many medications do.

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