The Best Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs

on March 07, 2022

Dogs can get red, irritated skin patches. Sometimes they ooze, flake and/or itch. These “hot spots” are not that uncommon. As the weather turns warmer and wetter they may even become more common.

Here’s what hot spots on dogs really are, and how you might treat and even prevent them.

Read on. Your pooch will thank you.

What is a Hot Spot on Dogs?

The veterinary medical term for a hot spot is acute moist dermatitis, basically inflamed red skin or lesions (raised bumps). If not treated, they can rapidly get worse. The irritation causes fur babies to lick and scratch at the area, making the skin get infected, the irritated area to spread, or even scratching themselves to the point of bleeding.

If you see a hot spot on your dog, it’s important to treat it quickly to prevent worsening infection. 

Causes of Hot Spots on Dogs

Where hot spots occur and how they occur has a great deal to do with the cause.

Some breeds are more prone to irritated skin, such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. Dogs with thicker fur may get more hot spots. But the cause of the hot spot itself mostly likely comes from:

  • Allergies or irritants
  • Fleas or other insect bites
  • Anal gland inflammation (causes hot spots near anus)
  • Infection from bacteria or yeast
  • Anxiety, boredom or stress which leads to excessive licking or scratching
  • Ear infection, which leads to scratching around ears or neck
  • Poor grooming, matted fur, or otherwise getting dirt and irritants stuck next to the skin

Obviously, with such a diverse list, it might be difficult to identify what causes your dog to get hot spots. So next we’ll take a look at how to treat them.

How to Treat Dog Hot Spots

The first step in the treatment of hot spots on dogs is to visit your veterinarian. Especially if the hot spot has gotten puffy, red, oozing or otherwise infected-looking, you want to have a vet check it out. You may need to give your dog a topical antibiotic or other medicine.

Whatever you do, do not give your dog medicines designed for people! Even something topical, like Neosporin, which may contain ingredients that can be toxic for dogs.

In general, treatment for hot spots will include:

  1. Clipping back hair
  2. Cleaning the area
  3. Treating the area (such as with an antibiotic ointment for dogs)
  4. Preventing your dog from licking or scratching while healing. Unfortunately for pup, that step may include a cone of shame.

In general, hot spots will not be wrapped or covered when healing, because dampness can make them worse. So, you will need to take steps to ensure they stay clean while healing.

Preventing Hot Spots on Dogs

Hot spots can often be prevented!

The key is to identify the cause of the hot spots, so that you can specifically address that issue. For example, if your dog gets bored or anxious, that includes a different solution than a food allergy (which requires a change of food).

Keeping your dog’s hair well groomed, your fur baby healthy, and meeting their medical needs (such as treating an ear infection) can go a long way toward preventing hot spots or other skin infections.

The Best Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs

Even when we only want the best for our fur babies, they might be prone to sensitive skin or skin infections. This doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong as a pet parent! Sometimes our pets just need specialized care to stay their best, most healthy selves.

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When it comes to problem-prone skin, we have two special treatments:

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  • Doggie-approved Calming CBD Tincture - Since anxiety and agitation so frequently go hand-in-hand with skin issues, this daily use tincture helps restore homeostasis, the calm your pup needs for overall health.

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