The Benefits of Recurring Orders for Pet Products 

on May 27, 2021

When you subscribe to your pet products online, you never run out of your furry friend’s favorite goodies. But there are so many more benefits to recurring orders!

Read on to learn about the benefits...and we will also answer the concerns or questions you might have!

Why Do People Order Pet Supplies Online?

It seems like just about the entire world got sent home in March of 2020. While the lockdown may have caused economic slowdown and frustration, one group loved the work-from-home takeover: our pets.

Many animal shelters ran out of pets to adopt!

That’s such great news for our four-legged family members. Empty shelters mean animals and humans united together. 

For many two-legged folks, it got us thinking about how nice it is to spend more time with our dogs. Ordering online offers that benefit also--when goods are delivered, you save time (and gas!) and get to spend that time with your favorite furball.

If you have ever run low or (gasp!) out of a product for your dog, you also know how troublesome it can be. It can even be dangerous! Doggies need their food, supplements and other products to stay consistent or they may have unwanted health effects.

So, ordering pet products recurring means:

  • More time with your pet
  • Save on gas
  • More variety--get exactly what you want!
  • You never run out
  • You usually save quite a bit of money over pet store pricing

This list names the main reasons so many dog owners have made the switch to auto shipping their favorite pet products.

What If I Change My Mind About Recurring Orders?

Pet owners sometimes have a few concerns about ordering online with recurring orders. You want what’s best for your dog, but you don’t want to get stuck with something you don’t want.

No worries!

Here are some subscription FAQs:

What if I don’t like the product?

It’s easy to change your mind. Just send it back and cancel your auto-ship!

What if I don’t know how often I need the products?

You can take your best guess, setting your frequency to whatever you want. Then, when it’s time for your next shipment we will send you an email reminder. If you don’t need it yet, just change your order frequency. It’s as easy as a click of a button! Or, if you realize you need your products sooner, adjust your timeline for reshipment the same way. Super simple!

What if I need to change my payment method?

You can change your payment method at any time! This is also why we send you that shipping reminder email--so you have time to change your order or your payment method, if you need to, before we ship.

What if I change my mind about...anything?

Your account is always under your control! You choose the items, delivery date, and payment options. Then, we send you a reminder email with the list of products headed your way and when. If you need to make any changes, you do! We also include shipping and tracking information, so you and your dog can watch your status change from shipped, to in transit, to delivered! Just like that!

What are the Best Pet Products to Order Recurring?

At Bad Dog CBD we specialize in the very best natural pet products online, anywhere. 

Our CBD products are specially formulated for your pet. CBD for pets has been shown to improve a wide variety of ailments from allergies and skin issues to anxiety and seizures.

We want to ensure that your pup gets their CBD supplement right on time, every time! So check out our subscription service information here to get started.

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