The 7 Main Forms of Dog Anxiety & How Pet CBD Treats All of Them

on August 11, 2021

Just like humans, dogs can get anxiety. While dogs may be a human’s best friend, they can also get so nervous, fearful or anxious they worry us! Fortunately, dog anxiety is treatable. 

Here, we will go over each and tell you how a few tips and tricks (plus pet CBD!) can help Fido chill out.

Compulsive Behavior

Did you know that dog compulsive behavior is a symptom of anxiety? Doggy compulsions may include licking, even to the point of making raw “hot spots” where fur thins or erodes altogether. Pets who pant, pace, ask to go outside and then right back in, or any other number of unusual, repetitive (unusually repetitive) behavior may be manifesting obsessive compulsive behavior.

Dog compulsions can be dangerous! If your pet licks or scratches to the point of self-harm, first take action to protect your pet, such as keeping a watchful eye on them, or having them wear the “cone of shame” (also known as an Elizabethan collar or “e-collar”).

CBD treats can help soothe your compulsive dog.

Confinement Anxiety

Any dog can suffer from confinement anxiety, but especially our sweet, adopted shelter dogs. Treating a dog with confinement anxiety sometimes works with reward systems and exposure therapy--short times in confinement, for which a treat is given. 

CBD treats offer a tasty reward but also added relaxation. When given as a reward for entering the confined area, they can boost the success of exposure therapy. 

Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety in dogs is another form of anxiety best treated with exposure. Sometimes the only place Fido has been in the car is the vet! Sometimes our pup experiences confinement anxiety in the car, as described above. Other times, it’s just car sickness (which can lead to vomiting and other signs of distress). 

CBD oil can help before travel, working to soothe Fido’s nerves. The best therapies include short periods of exposure, such as a short ride to a fun dog park, combined with a CBD treat reward for traveling. Over time, lengthen the trips (but continue to give the reward) and soon your dog may travel more easily.

Noise Sensitivity

Revving engines, shouts of neighbors, leaf blowers, fireworks...any number of stimuli can upset a dog with noise sensitivity, another common form of dog anxiety. Some dogs with noise sensitivity will act out in aggression, tearing up toys and furniture. Others will cower, or even go to the bathroom in the house while cowering (an act of fearful submission).

While it may be possible to avoid some noises, many others are outside of our control. So exposure therapies might not work. Comfort and CBD treats help calm a dog with noise sensitivity.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs want their humans nearby--after all, we are a pack! But since we also may need to go somewhere without Fido, you know, occasionally, it’s distressing when he gets distressed. Symptoms may be obvious, like whining, crying, howling, or barking when we leave. Other symptoms include submissive urination, hiding, or destructive behavior. 

Getting a dog to sit for a CBD treat when leaving and when coming home can help alleviate separation anxiety.

Impulsivity or Lack of Attention

Sometimes a dog’s seemingly erratic/impulsive behavior, or a refusal to pay attention and obey commands, actually stems from dog anxiety. Dog anxiety symptoms aren’t always obvious. They can just look like “bad behavior.” 

Coach Fido into paying attention and following commands with pet CBD treats.


Another symptom of dog anxiety which may be difficult to identify is aggression. Aggression can get Fido (and us!) in trouble, so it’s important to address aggressive behavior with a positive, reward-based system. Not only are reward-based systems of training proven to be more effective than punishment, they also help in cases where the aggression is actually a symptom of fear or anxiety.

How can a fearful dog act aggressively?

If you think about it, people can be similar. Sometimes a really defensive, aggressive person is actually afraid of something, like the fear of a threat or a loss. It can be difficult for people to articulate these fears and we can speak! 

An aggressive dog needs comfort, consistency, and reward-based training. CBD dog treats help create calm. In the meantime, also avoid stressful situations (like other dogs or small children), where aggression can lead to harm.

General Fear

The final main form of dog anxiety is general fear, which might be called “generalized dog anxiety disorder.” In the case of general fear, you might not know what triggers anxiety symptoms, fearful submissive responses, or aggression in your pet. You can still use pet CBD treatments!

Dog CBD helps restore homeostasis, so use our CBD dog treats to help any dog with anxious behavior.

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