How to Make Moving with Dogs Easier for You & Them

on October 04, 2022

moving with dogs 

Moving is so much work! It’s not just the packing and unpacking, of course, but the finer details such as address changes, changing utilities and updating your driver’s license. Fortunately, we have moving checklists online. But these resources tend to focus on humans, what about our furry VIPs? How can moving with dogs to a new home go more smoothly?

Here we will take a quick look at making moving with dogs easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

Finding the Perfect Dog Home

If you’re still on the hunt, we’ve got some things to look for in your new home--also some words of warning!

Your pet feeling comfortable in their new home is essential to your mutual happiness. So be on the lookout for some important features:

  • Dog-friendly - Do they allow pets, and your dog’s size, breed or mix, in particular?
  • Pet rent - If they allow pets, what is the deposit? Do they charge pet rent, which is a monthly fee for pets? Some places charge per pet so if you rent you want to factor this cost into your budget.
  • Surrounding surfaces - Particularly for older dogs, slick floors and stairs to an entrance might be problematic. You also want to be aware of pavement or grassy areas--when it’s over 70 degrees asphalt might burn little paws! So are there grassy areas for outdoor excursions?
  • Landscaping - Some plants are hazardous to curious nibblers. If you know which ones, you can better avoid them--especially if there is an off-leash area!
  • Fencing - Backyards should be fenced if a dog is let out. In neighborhoods with water features, there's a risk of your dog jumping in. So where are the fences, and is it adequate for your needs?
  • Quiet hours - Have a barker? Many neighborhoods, cities or counties have quiet hours and noise ordinances. Rather than to upset neighbors, some extra training (or even a muzzle) might be needed for your poch.

Finding a place to rent or own which checks all the right boxes can be a challenge! Knowing what you are getting into makes for a smoother, easier move.

The Dog Moving Checklist

So you found a new habitation for you and your dog. How can you make moving with dogs stress-free? A little prep work goes a long way!

Here’s a dog moving checklist to guide you:

  • Buy new ID tags with your new address.
  • Change the address on any autoship dog supply orders.
  • Change the address with your vet or find a new vet in the area (depending on distance of move). Schedule your next checkup at the new location.
  • When you pack everything, leave out what you need for travel, including enough food, treats, dog bags and a travel water dish.
  • Give your dog antistress travel aids, including a familiar comfort toy or blanket and calming CBD oil.
  • When traveling by car: give your dog a comfortable travel space and secure leash to belt buckle with a dog safety strap.
  • When traveling by airplane: be sure to pack them in their crate with their comfort toy or blanket and pee pads. Follow airline guidelines.

Traveling with a pet requires extra patience. More stops, water breaks, pauses for comfort and cuddles and walks might be included in your journey. But if you remember how stressful this might be for your pet, you can respond to stress with compassion and comfort each other.

Ease Your Fur Babies Into Their New Digs

Once you arrive, how do you quickly settle your dog into your new home? Fortunately, easing your fur baby into their new residence can go quickly!

For this orientation period, keep your dog leashed.

Start with a walk. Orient your dog to the new area. NOTE: Even if you did off-leash walks at your last home, plan to stick to leashed walks for at least one week, more likely for a few months.

Next, unpack familiar items. If your dog has a bed, a favorite rug, or liked to curl up next to you on the sofa, placing these items in your new space will provide familiarity quickly. Let him sniff items as they are unpacked. 

Next, do a leashed walk around your new space. Allow your pet to sniff.

Once your pet feels a little more comfortable, make sure all the doors are closed and then let her explore off-leash. Sniffing in closets and crevices helps your dog understand this new space.

As you go through this new home orientation, don’t forget your pet CBD! CBD helps restore homeostasis, which is a biology term for all of the parts working together toward the whole. For your dog, homeostasis means more calm, less anxiety and uncertainty, and greater health--all things you want in your new living arrangements!

Bad Dog has What You Need

At Bad Dog CBD we have just what your good dog needs. Try a dose of Calming CBD Tincture before, during and after a move to help your fur babies. A little calm goes a long way toward making moving with dogs easier for you and them!

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