How to Calm a Dog Down this Christmas

on December 08, 2021

How to Calm a Dog Down

Dogs and humans can be a little out-of-sorts during the holiday season. After all, we might be off of our regular schedules, experiencing dietary changes, or even around some people we’re not too crazy about.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help calm down your dog this Christmas. Put your pet at ease, and you might gain a little extra peace of mind also.

What is So Stressful about Christmas for Dogs?

Even dogs not normally prone to anxiety might feel anxious around the holiday season. Some of that anxiousness may stem from your emotional states. Science has shown us what we already knew, as pet owners, that dogs feel empathy for their human parents.

Other reasons your dog might be stressed about Christmas include:

  • More people coming and going from your household.
  • Changes in schedule: walks at different times, humans working (gone) at different times.
  • Dietary changes: even those extra treats or holiday trimmings might cause digestive issues for dogs.
  • Unusual and/or loud noises.

Fortunately, we pet parents can do much to help reduce the stress of the holiday season for our pups.

Tips for Maintaining Doggy Holiday Calm

Well, if our doggy’s stress might stem from empathy for our own emotional state, we could probably all do with a little more holiday calm. So, while these tips might be pet-specific, they can also help us relax at Christmas.

Some of the best things we can do to calm a dog at Christmas include:

  • Isolation - Give Fido a little quiet time away from others.
  • Exercise - Make sure Fifi gets plenty of walking, running or playtime.
  • Physical contact - It doesn’t have to be a doggy massage, though those are great for stress! Even just a few extra cuddles and pets can help calm an anxious dog.
  • Steady diet - While it’s tempting to give extra treats, stick with a similar training and treat routine as any other time of year.

Whatever can be done to meet your own holiday plans and obligations, while sticking to your pet’s routine, can help prevent much holiday stress.

How to Calm a Dog Down

The preventative measures above can go a long way toward preventing or reducing holiday stress for our pets. But sometimes your dog is already worked up. You might even have house guests and your dog is exhibiting signs of anxiety or distress in front of company. 

What can you do in the heat of the moment to calm an anxious dog?

Take these 3 steps:

  1. Ensure everyone’s safety. If your dog needs to be isolated or removed from the scene for their safety or someone else’s, that’s the first (and most important) step. A stressed dog may lash out at others, destroy property, or engage in self-destructive behavior (like scratching or excessive licking at “sore spots”). So, safety is the first step.
  2. Remove doggy stressors. Whatever you can do to remove the cause of stress should be done. For example: if it’s loud noises, you want to cease the sound or use calming music for dogs. Classical music, in particular, has been how to help dogs relax.
  3. Use calming treats for dogs. Calming treats pull double-duty: you use positive reinforcement to get and reward good behavior, but the treats themselves can also help calm your anxious pet.

If you take action using these steps, you can help calm your anxious or upset dog this Christmas. Then return to the preventative steps in the section above, to help prevent further doggy distress.

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