How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

on November 03, 2021

how often should you bathe your dog

Dogs need their hair washed, just like humans. Also like humans, there are many types of hair, and caring for it can be really different from one to another! 

So, here’s a handy guide about how often to bathe your dog. It’s not always simple, but we will try to keep it that way.

Is It Bad to NOT Bathe Your Dog?

If you haven’t been bathing your dog regularly, there’s no shame. Some people just don’t think to bathe their pets! After all, lots of animals never get human bathing and seem to do just fine.

But if that’s you, it’s time for a new look at the topic. If your dog goes outside and then inside, they can get pretty filthy. They can spread that filth around your house. Washing your dog has lots of benefits, including:

  • Your dog will smell better
  • Bathing keeps your dog’s dander-level lower (better for allergies)
  • A healthier coat for your dog

So if bathing is new, it’s time to get started. But how often?

Three Points to Consider for Dog Bathing

When it comes to bathing your fur-ball, there are 3 main points to consider:

  1. Coat and skin health
  2. Activity level
  3. Coat type

Coat & Skin Health

Dogs need regular bathing, but if your dog has sensitive skin they might need less bathing. Too infrequent and you can cause hair to fall out also! For a healthy coat, usually at least every couple of months your dog needs a wash.

Activity Level

When dogs play, they get dirty, just like we do when we exercise. Outdoor activity for your dog is great! But when your dog gets dirty, they need a bath. Long-haired breeds can get dirt stuck in their coat and need bathing plus brushing. Shorter-haired breeds still get dirty and also carry that filth into the house.

After a romp through the forest, a roll in the mud, or a swim through the creek, give your dog a bath.

Coat Type and Bathing

It’s true that certain dog coats are higher maintenance. Dogs with long hair can get it tangled. It collects more dirt and mud from outside. They might look best with certain grooming.

Hair length isn’t the only determining factor, though. You also have to consider more “oily” coat types (which attract dirt) and how much a dog sheds. For example, a dog with longer hair that sheds, like a husky, might need less frequent bathing than an oily-coated dog, like a labrador retriever. 

For dogs whose coat tends to stay naturally clean, a bath every 2-3 months is sufficient. For those breeds which pick up dirt, weekly bathing might be needed to keep a coat clean.

Do Short-haired Dogs Need Bathing?

What about short-haired breeds that shed a lot? Do they need regular bathing? 

You might not need to bathe your short-haired dog as often, but they still stay cleaner and healthier with a bath every couple of months. For short-haired breeds with a double coat, weekly brushing can also help them shed, keeping their coat healthy.

What About a Double-Coated Breed?

A double-coated dog will often have a shedding period, losing more hair in the summer. They do well with regular brushing and bathing at about the same interval as their single-coated counterparts.

Do Long-haired Dogs Need Professional Grooming?

Really any dog can be groomed at home, but sometimes it might be easier to use a professional groomer. 

If you groom at home, be sure not to cut hair too short. A dog’s hair provides some skin protection. If skin is exposed to the elements, they may get more dog skin issues and infections.

Can You Bathe Your Dog Too Often?

Yes, it’s possible to wash a dog too often, just like human hair can be washed too often. When hair is over-washed, you end up washing away good, natural oils. To compensate, the skin might produce more oil. You can also cause skin issues, hair falling out, or infection.

A dog doesn’t need to be dirty! It just doesn’t need to be washed more than about weekly,, even for a frequent bather.

Should You Bathe a Dog with Skin Issues?

Dog skin issues require some additional care. Harsh soaps or ingredients to which your dog might be allergic should not be used! Human hair products should never be used on dogs.

Instead, gently wash your dog with skin issues with a specially-formulated shampoo.

Are There Natural Remedies for Dog Allergies?

Yes! If your dog has skin issues, they may likely have allergies. Dog allergies affect their skin more than humans, though humans can have allergic skin conditions also.

Oatmeal and CBD are two super-soothing ingredients in our best-selling Anti-itch CBD Shampoo. Regular CBD dosing may help allergies too!

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