How C60 Can Help Improve Your Dog's Eye Health

on April 12, 2022


Our fur baby’s health and happiness has much to do with our own happiness! Dogs provide comfort and joy, and they rely upon their humans to provide food, love and entertainment. When it comes to their longevity, health is key. 

Doggy eye health is important to their well-being. 

Sight problems can cause all kinds of issues! A dog with vision problems may get anxious, distressed or depressed. They often have trouble socializing with other animals or humans, because of anxiety over lack of vision. They might run into furniture or collide with walls. They have trouble finding their toys, their food or even their bathroom spot!

Fortunately, supplements exist to maintain and help improve your dog’s eye health.

Read on to learn more!

What Causes Dog Eye Health Problems?

So what causes a dog to have vision problems? 

Just like humans, many health conditions might impact vision. There are also problems specific to dogs. Some factors in dog eye health include:

  • Aging - As our pups age, vision tends to deteriorate.
  • Cataracts - Like humans, dogs can get this (correctable) vision problem.
  • Diabetes - A side effect can include vision problems.
  • Glaucoma - A buildup of fluid in the eye.
  • SARDs - Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome, a sudden onset of blindness in dogs.
  • PRA - Progress Retinal Atrophy, a degenerative disease which eventually leads to doggy blindness.

These diseases do have something in common--inflammation. Helping to decrease inflammation may, therefore, prevent or slow the onset of doggy eye problems.

How Can You Tell If Your Dog has Eye Health Problems?

Since our pups cannot tell us when they have trouble, how do you know if your dog has eye health problems?

Your vet may help identify an issue at a checkup. Or you might observe your dog and notice potential eye health issues, such as bumping into furniture or other behavioral changes. If you think your dog’s eyes look different, cataracts or another eye problem may be the issue. Your veterinarian can perform an evaluation to determine the cause or condition.

Anytime you have concerns or observe behavioral changes in your dog, it’s a good idea to see your veterinarian.

How can C60 Help Improve Dog Eye Health?

C60 may help prevent or treat the root cause of many doggy health conditions: inflammation.

C60 is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement. Its soccer-ball shape is composed of 60 atoms (carbon-60). Each of the receptors of the molecule potentially pair with free radicals, removing toxins and relieving inflammation.

As a matter of fact, C60 is demonstrably more effective as an antioxidant than both vitamin C and vitamin E-- two of the most powerful antioxidants known before the discovery of C60.

What’s so important about antioxidants?

The term “oxidative stress” comes from oxygen, a vital element for all of life. When you have two little oxygens bound together, O2, you get the very air we breathe! But single oxygens running around need a pair. Otherwise, they’re corrosive. It’s an odd bit of chemistry, just like how one oxygen with two hydrogens, H2O is water, yet an extra oxygen creates hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide kills germs, but it’s also toxic and corrosive!

The problem is an extra oxygen. We don’t want any of those and neither do our dogs!

So, C60 helps bind with free-roaming oxygens, stopping them from bouncing around creating trouble. Antioxidants thereby improve many aspects of health!

The Best C60 for Dogs

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