Hemp vs CBD for Dogs: What's the Difference?

on September 01, 2021

With so many products derived from hemp or cannabis on the market the distinctions sometimes get confusing. CBD and hemp can both be found in some similar-sounding products on the market for humans and dogs!

Here we will take a look at the difference, so you know which to use for your favorite fur ball.

But first, an important note: both human CBD and human hemp products should not be used for dogs. They may contain ingredients which are toxic to dogs.

Here are some of the distinctive characteristics of hemp and CBD for our pets.

What is CBD for Dogs?

CBD products for both humans and pets are derived from hemp flowers. Those hemp plants fall under the cannabis plant category, with CBD being an extracted cannabinoid (cannabidiol or CBD for short). THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is another cannabinoid, but in order for a product to have the “CBD” label, it should be less than 0.3% THC.

In short, CBD will not get your dog “high,” but marijuana would, because of THC content.

What is Hemp for Dogs?

Products labeled “hemp” generally fall under two categories: hemp leaf or hemp seed products. Note that neither of these are the extracts of hemp flowers, like CBD. 

Products derived from hemp seed occur on the market more frequently for dogs. A process of extraction, such as crushing the seeds, generates hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds contain many healthy nutrients, particularly good fats.

Hemp leaf products are generally not for consumption by humans or dogs. Sometimes they get steeped into a tea (for humans), but more commonly this fibrous plant becomes paper products, clothing, or even the sails for a ship! Hemp leaves do not taste good to dogs and should not be eaten by dogs.

Are CBD and Hemp Legal for Dogs?

Both CBD and hemp products are legal, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Like other plants and supplements, though, these products are not regulated by the FDA. One has to do their own research and vetting to determine product quality.

Look for where and how these products were grown before purchasing. Other points to consider include extraction process, independent lab testing, and product reviews by real pet owners. 

Hemp vs CBD for Dogs with Pain

Hemp seeds or hemp seed oil may be used for dog nutrition or a healthy coat, but they do not contain the cannabinoids which may help alleviate pain for dogs.

CBD, on the other hand, may work better than many other pain medications for dogs, with far fewer side effects! CBD also does not appear to be addictive.

So, whether recovering from an injury or surgery (acute pain), or dealing with chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis or joint problems, consider CBD for dogs with pain.

Should You Use CBD or Hemp for Dogs with Anxiety?

Dogs can suffer from a number of forms of anxiety, from separation anxiety to travel anxiety: there are 7 main forms of dog anxiety. Fortunately, CBD can help treat all of them!

If your beloved pup has any form of anxiety, use CBD to help alleviate symptoms. 

When Should I Use Hemp for Dogs?

Hemp seeds make a great nutritional supplement for dogs. The seeds themselves or an extract can be added to food to help improve a healthy coat and the overall function of the nervous system. Just like humans, dogs need good fats!

Some healthy coat shampoos for dogs also contain hemp seed oil extract. Particularly for long-haired breeds or those prone to tangles, hemp seed oil can help smooth and relax tough, tangly hair.

However, for patchy, falling-out hair, or itchy “hot spots,” look for a soothing CBD shampoo. Hemp is more for detangling and CBD more for allergies/anti-itch, when it comes to dog shampoo.

What is the Best CBD for Dogs?

The best CBD products for dogs come in the form of treats or oils. Specially formulated for dogs, but also for whatever might ail them, these CBD products can help with anything from allergies to arthritis, from bad behavior to fresher breath. 

Check out our shop for what your pet needs.

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