Halloween is Coming: 5 Ways On How To Relax Your Dog

on October 04, 2021

how to relax your dog

Halloween can frighten even an otherwise calm dog.

As superheroes, ghouls and pirates come knocking on the doors, our pets may be cowering in fear. In most cases, it’s not the Iron Man fist or pirate’s eye patch that give our furball the All Hallow’s Eve terrors--it’s all the noise.  Ordinarily, getting a knock on the door from the UPS man will send a fearful pooch into a tizzy. Halloween means knock after knock! The doorbell rings. Maybe there are also neighborhood parties and endless calls of “Trick-or-Treat!”

We can help Fido make it through Halloween with a few tricks and some treats. Read on to learn more.

Set up a Safe Space at Home

When your dog is scared he needs a safe, warm place which smells like you. If he’s crate trained he might want to curl up with your sweater in his little safe home. If not, make a bed or nest out of your pet’s regular bed or a favorite sleeping spot.

If you plan to host a party, find a safe place for your dog to go. All of the noises of people at your party, plus the strange-looking costumes, can really upset even an otherwise loving dog. He can end up lashing out: chewing up your things, barking or even biting.

Instead, consider send your dog to a trusted care provider during your party.

Add Some Noise Distraction

Beyond the physical comfort of a safe space, it often helps your dog to create soothing background noise. White noise, like a fan, might be enough to cover outside noises. Or you can turn on the tv or music. Classical music, in particular, has been shown to help dogs relax.

If you will not be home because of your own Halloween activities and are wondering how to relax your dog, try putting on classical music.

Have a “No-Knock” Plan

It’s possible to participate in Halloween without the doorbell ringing, you just have to trust your neighbors.

Set your candy or other goodies outside with a big, obvious sign saying, “Please do not knock or ring the doorbell!” You can also include signage about limits, but, of course, some people might ignore such signage and take the whole container’s worth of candy. 

A few other deterrents might diminish thieving:

  1. Only put out so much per hour, so that not all of your goodies are gone immediately.
  2. Consider putting up a camera, like your dog monitor, or even a fake one, and a sign telling people they are on camera.
  3. Sit outside yourself, or ask a neighborhood teen to be your bowl monitor in exchange for lots of extra goodies. 

But really, it might not be fair for some kid to take the entire bowl of candy when your sign says not to, still it might be worth it if it means keeping your pet happy.

Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior

Your dog should also get treats on Halloween! In particular, reward your dog for not freaking out. When you see the behavior you like, praise your pet and offer a reward.

CBD dog treats for anxiety, in particular, serve a dual purpose: reward behavior and offer calming CBD.

Add CBD to Your Routine

CBD benefits for dogs include:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving coat health
  • Reducing seizures or pain for dogs with such conditions
  • Reducing anxiety and enhancing calm

Particularly for a dog with noise anxiety or any of the other forms of anxiety, regular dosing with CBD oil can improve both health and mood.

If it’s only Halloween where your pup gets scared, the CBD treat option works well.

Bad Dog for Good Dogs

When it comes to rewarding your good dog for brave behavior on Halloween, Bad Dog has you covered. We have CBD treats in great flavors, plus special formulas for common conditions. Does your pooch have bad breath? Hip or joint pain or inflammation? Tummy trouble? Whatever ails your pet, we probably have a treat for that. 

Give your dog a happy Halloween with just these 5 tricks and our tasty treats!

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