Can CBD Calm Down a Hyper Dog?

on October 17, 2022

 Can CBD Calm Down a Hyper Dog

Does your dog seem extra hyper? Sure, different breeds have different temperaments and energy levels. Dogs also have different energy levels at different times of life, such as slowing down with older age. But what do you do with a dog who just seems hyper?

We’ve gathered the info, including the safest, most effective ways to calm that high strung fur baby!

Why is My Dog So Hyper?

Do dogs have hyperactivity? 

In figuring out what’s going with your jumpy, barking or just-plain-crazy pooch, it helps to identify some of the reasons you may have a hyper dog.

Separation Issues

Some dogs calm down just fine around their pet parent or preferred playmates, but go a little wild over the idea of separating.

This form of extra activity might better be described as separation anxiety. A dog experiencing separation anxiety gets distressed when you leave. They may:

  • Bark, yip or whine when you leave or return home.
  • Damage your belongings when distressed when left alone.
  • Lose bodily function, such as urinating on the floor when you get home (known as submissive urination).
  • Dig in the yard. 
  • Attempt to escape.
  • Lash out at other caregivers.

All of this “bad” behavior is actually distress over separation.

Noise Aversion

Hyperactivity in response to auditory stimulation is another form of dog anxiety, known as noise aversion. A dog with a phobia of noises may act hyper or may exhibit other signs of fear such as:

  • Panting
  • Pacing
  • Cowering
  • Whining
  • Hiding
  • Shaking
  • Barking
  • Aggression

A dog experiencing noise-aversion-related hyperactivity often responds well to some of the treatments discussed in this article.

Nighttime Hyperactivity

Some pet parents call it “the zooms” or a “2nd wind,” but it’s a burst of energy in the evening, right when you want your fur baby to calm down and go to sleep. Sometimes nighttime hyperactivity happens in the middle of the night, waking up other members of the household!

Ideally, your dog experiences night time calm. If not, you may have a dog with nighttime hyperactivity.

General Hyperactivity

If your fur baby just seems hyper all the time, not in these concentrated ways, you may be dealing with general hyperactivity.

Never fear! 

It is possible to help calm a hyper dog.

How Do I Treat Dog Hyperactivity?

Dog hyperactivity responds well to positive training. In positive behavioral training, a dog gets rewarded for good behavior, encouraging further good behavior. 

Punishment-based training does not work as well. 

Consider this: you’re already feeling anxious about something. Then someone yells at you every time you do something “wrong,” even accidental errors. Does this calm you down? What if instead, someone told you exactly what they wanted from you. What’s more, whenever you did those things, they handed you a $100 bill! You’d be very interested in repeating that good behavior, right? 

For stressed-out fur babies, punishment works similarly--just makes them more nervous! And a great-tasting CBD treat? That’s like a doggy $100!

A focus on positive dog behavior training, supplemented with calming CBD rewards, has the best chance of lasting success.

CBD Oil vs CBD Treats for Dogs

Can CBD calm down a hyper dog, then? And what’s better, CBD oil or CBD treats?

The short answer is yes: CBD helps calm a pet. CBD helps calm at the root cause--the nervous system. CBD helps balance both the nervous system and hormone systems, so it does double-duty with anxiety-based hyper behavior or nighttime hyperactivity.

For a super hyper dog, consider daily CBD dosing. You can use a CBD oil to establish a baseline. However, be sure to use a lower dosage, so that you can still also use CBD treats to reward good behavior.

By combining these techniques, you stand the best chance of helping your dog achieve calm.

What Are the Best Calming Treats for Dogs?

There are lots of products on the market! 

The best calming treats for dogs contain CBD in conjunction with other dog-friendly, soothing ingredients.

At Bad Dog CBD we curate our products to be only the best for you pup. Check out our selection of treats in our online store.

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