6 Ways C60 For Pets Helps Them Live Longer

on November 02, 2022

 c60 for pets

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a pet Fountain of Youth? Something we could give our pets to extend their energy, vitality, maybe even their lives. After all, we all want our fur babies to have long, full, happy lives. 

Well, we may not have a fountain of youth exactly, but we certainly have some miraculous ingredients that can help our fur babies live their healthiest, longest lives possible.

A favorite ingredient of ours at Bad Dog CBD: c60.

Read on to learn c60 benefits for dogs, and give your pet the treat of youth.

Super Detoxer

Unfortunately, our modern environment contains all kinds of toxins. While we might give our fur babies natural food and avoid spraying harmful pesticides on our own yards, contaminants still exist everywhere. Even “organic” dog foods are still usually grown with pesticides. Beyond home, a simple walk through the park might include contact with funguses and antifungals, herbicides and microbials. 

While the relationship between exposure to toxins and certain diseases is still a matter of research and debate, there’s no doubt that the body has to process whatever it comes into contact with. For our dogs, that means stress on organ systems.

Fortunately, C60 helps support healthy, natural, detoxification.

A Healthier Skin and Coat

Detoxification plays a part in healthy skin--fewer stressors can mean fewer allergic reactions. The sun also provides UV radiation that may deplete your dog’s energy levels, dissolving beneficial oils, and/or reducing overall skin and fur health.

C60 for pets contains beneficial oils, which can be taken orally or used topically, providing a protective layer for skin and coat, inside and out.

For dogs with skin and coat issues, especially, C60 provides a needed boost.

Nerve Protector

The 3rd way C60 may help pets live longer, healthier lives, comes from a special kind of protection: by strengthening the layer of myelin and connective tissue which surrounds nerves. Studies on rats offer promising glimpses of possibilities for dogs: more than protecting, C60 may help reduce or reverse damage to nerves.

Some dogs have nerve or nervous system issues which cause coordination problems, seizures or mental deterioration. As pets age, in particular, they become more prone to such problems. 

C60 supplementation can help give your dog a nerve-protection boost.

Protection from Free Radicals

“Free radicals” are the major cause of pain, inflammation and stress in mammals. This is why antioxidants are so good: they contain an extra oxygen molecule, which can partner up with a free radical, reducing the likelihood of it causing internal damage.

Ever hear that vitamin C is good for you?

Vitamin C is a known antioxidant, used widely to boost the immune system (and increase longevity). Well, carbon 60 (C60) is over 100x more powerful as an antioxidant than vitamin C!

The immune system has everything to do with health and longevity. Boosting it means giving your pet extra life.

Inflammation Fighter

Last, but certainly not least important, C60 benefits for dogs include fighting inflammation.

Inflammation occurs for all kinds of reasons, including:

  • Breed of dog
  • Lifestyle and joint stress
  • Age of your pet
  • Health, including allergies
  • Diet
  • Environmental factors such as microbial exposure

C60 fights inflammation in many ways, including some of the reasons already mentioned: detoxification, fighting free radicals, etc. 

But it’s worth mentioning on its own that C60 has potential benefits to our pet’s joints: reducing aches, pains and inflammation.

In fighting inflammation your pet may live longer, but also certainly have more quality of life.

Does C60 Make Your Pet Live Longer?

So how do all of these factors add up? While side-by-side studies have not yet been done, it is suspected that C60 may help increase your pet’s lifespan. If you think about it, many of the reasons for disease or deterioration are on this list. By reducing those risk factors, you help your pet live a better life, and quite possibly a longer one too.

Bad Dog has Got the Good C60

At Bad Dog we sourced the very best: C60 Purple Power for Pets Coconut Oil.

This concentrated C60 tastes great! Even better, it works too! Give your pet this C60 daily to enjoy its anti-aging benefits.

Give your pet the gift of better health and longevity! Plus, you get to enjoy your beloved fur baby as long as possible, when you give them this powerful antioxidant.

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