5 Reasons to Buy CBD Oil for Your Dogs

on July 21, 2021

CBD oil for dogs isn’t just the latest craze, there’s emerging veterinary science to show that pet CBD may improve your dog’s health in several super important ways.

Here are 5 of the top reasons to buy CBD oil for your four-legged family member.

1. Your Dog Has Anxiety

If your furry family member suffers from anxiety of any kind, pet CBD oil may help. Doggie anxiety looks like this:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Biting or chewing (including your favorite shoes!)
  • Running away
  • Digging
  • Cowering or hiding
  • Urinating in the house, even after potty trained
  • Urinating in front of an owner from nervousness or anxiety, also known as submissive urination
  • An inability to settle down or sleep

For pet owners, dog anxiety can be super stressful. Training techniques might not seem to work. Fido’s anxiety can interfere with all kinds of other potential activities--like car rides, doggy playdates, having guests over, or leaving your pet at home when you go places. 

Fortunately, dog CBD seems to be very effective for both acute anxiety (happening right now, or with a specific stimulus) and chronic (ongoing, or with no specific trigger). 

Regular dosing with high-quality dog CBD oil may help restore homeostasis, a biology term for all the parts working together. Consider dog CBD oil calming formula for your “bad dog” to be more chill.

2. You Want to Improve Your Dog’s Coat and Fight Allergies

Humans can get all kinds of reactions to allergens, like coughing or sneezing from pollen or upset stomach from gluten. 

What do dog allergies look like? 

Dogs more commonly get skin reactions to allergies. “Hot spots,” itching excessively, and patchy/unhealthy coats may all be dog allergic reactions. 

If your dog suffers from allergies, check out this article about some potential cures (like hypoallergenic food). Also, give your furry loved one some relief when you buy CBD oil.

The “homeostasis” talked about above similarly applies to a healthy coat.

When you successfully treat pet allergies your pet gets the shiniest, smoothest coat possible.

3. Your Dog Has Seizures

Just like in humans, dog seizures are a complex neurological problem. If you’re looking for natural dog epileptic seizure solutions, or to enhance the effectiveness of seizure medication, CBD oil may offer relief. 

Epilepsy affects an estimated 5.7% of the dog population. 

So far, only small studies have been conducted on the effects of CBD on dog epilepsy, but the results are promising. Anecdotally, lots of pet owners have experienced success with decreasing the frequency and/or severity of seizures with hemp products for dogs. In fact, that anecdotal experience is what led to vets conducting these ongoing clinical trials!

Since dogs are so unlikely to have any adverse reaction to CBD, it’s generally considered safe to at least try CBD for dog seizures.

4. You Want to Improve Your Dog’s Joint Health

Perhaps you know your little Fifi comes from a breed prone to arthritis or joint problems and you wish to prevent joint pain, as much as possible. Or perhaps your beloved furball already has dog osteoarthritis or joint problems. Either way, dog CBD may help.

Pet CBD oil may help prevent arthritis and relieve joint pain, particularly when administered regularly and with vital joint health nutrients glucosamine and chondroitin.  

5. When Your Dog Has Cancer 

Cancer treatment can make doggies nauseous, but CBD oil may help. 

Advanced cancer and end-of-life discomfort may also be eased with dog CBD.

If your furry loved one is battling cancer at any stage, consider adding CBD oil to your treatment plan.

Bonus Reason: Your Dog Will Love Pet CBD

The above list of items is some of the top 5 reasons we hear from pet owners, as to why buy CBD oil for dogs. To this list, we offer a bonus reason: your dog will love our CBD formulas! 

All of our tinctures are made from hemp which is naturally grown and harvested, with lab-tested results. So you’ll get exactly what our label says! What’s more, we know what our dogs love--great taste! So, the natural taste is great, but we also have flavored dog CBD oil in their other   2 favorite tastes--bacon and peanut butter!

You know your doggie, choose the flavor your pet loves best, AND feel great knowing our natural CBD oil boosts doggy health.

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